I began teaching sexuality classes in 2012. Since then I have developed a number of courses that incorporate lectures about techniques and history but also roundtable-like experience for sharing and other kinds of creative expression. I've had the privilege to facilitate discussions at bachelorette parties, retail stores and non-profit organizations, as well as to private groups.

Cam Cuties, Web Warriors, and Virtual Vixens : an On-Screen Content Creation How-To

Humans have explored sexuality through every medium. In this two part seminar, we first explore the genealogies of sexual expression throughout mediated history. From flip books and minitel porn to explicit 3d games, and webcam sex sites, art and pop culture become part of the landscape leading up to a discursive discussion about sexy screen based best-practices. The etiquette of sexting, tips for enhancing sexy webcam sessions, and the mechanics of how to coordinate juiciest self-shot photoshoots will be covered. 

Out with the Old, In with the New(d) : Exploring New Partners

Whether you've slept with one person or a hundred people, getting intimate with someone you've just met is always an adventure. Questions about how to initiate one night stands, what to do when you want to wait to have sex with someone, and how to get back into the swing of things after ending a long relationship will be answered in this class. Other major themes: consent, communication, manners, and safer sex practices. 

Fisters Forever

In bushes to behinds, we're reaching deep! At Fisters Forever, our discussion goes beyond initiation technique to acknowledge the activity as a cultural practice. What are the rituals of fisting? How far do they span across gender/sex/orientation? What kind of power dynamics are present?  Major topics discussed : hanky code, hole worship, physical boundaries, tales of transcendance, and trust. 

Some experience recommended for full participation. 

& many more : 

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